Wear-resistant Ceramic Lining

Wear-resistant Ceramic Lining

wear-resistant ceramic lining with high quality and all kinds of sizes of alumina ceramic tiles are manufactured. We are the one of the most biggest manufacture in North China.With almost 10 years production experience. More details,please contact:florahu@zbqishuai.cn
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wear-resistant ceramic lining 

Alumina wear-resistant ceramic lining is characterized by: the product has big density, low abrasion, impact resistance, smooth surface, construction is convenient wait for a characteristic, is the steel mills, power plants, mining and other industries of the surface of the conveying equipment abrasion resistant materials, prolong the equipment life cycle; Alumina lining is mainly used in coal, steel, chemical industry, mining, power, etc of wear-resisting lining equipment, especially suitable for power plant coal, slag pipeline and mines and terminals of transporting way, blanking groove, spiral pipe, with strong dust discharge outlet and equipment wear and tear.