Wear Resistant Ceramic Lininig

Wear Resistant Ceramic Lininig

wear resistant ceramic lininig, wear resistant rubber ceramic,high density alumina ceramic rubber,ceramic rubber for abrasion,abrasion resistant ceramic rubber lining,Rubber ceramic Wear Liner,rubber ceramic wear liners from China.Wear resistant rubber ceramic used in some wear resistant equipments and mainly protect the equipment.
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Product Details

Describtion of the Wear resistant ceramic lining

Wear resistant ceramic lining include alumina ceramic tiles,alumina tiles.alumina ceramic bricks,wear resistant rubber ceramic linings,wear resistant ceramic tube,alumina ceramic pipes with excelent good wear resistant and widely used in minings,steels,cement and power plants.Wear resistant alumina linings have low density and very good hardness.Its wear resistant is the 10 times than steel products.

Products Name:Wear resistant ceramic lining


Material:wear resistant alumina ceramic

Application:Minings,steels,cement,power and others wear resistant fields.

Original place:Zibo city


Size:500*500*25mm,any sizes are available

alumina ceramic content:92% and 95%

Compositions of the wear resistant rubber ceramic

Item                                                                                   Unit                             95 Al2O3              96 Al2O3             
Physical Characteristics        Bulk density                      g/cm3 3.6 3.6
Water absorption            % 0 0
Mechanical Characteristics    Flexural strength              Mpa 320 340
Hardness Vickers            Gpa 12.2 13.5
Elastic modulus                Gpa 280 320
Poisson’s ratio                  - 0.22 0.23
Thermal Characteristics    Linear expansion coefficient                  (200C-5000C) 10-6/0C 7.1 7.2
Thermal conductivity        w/(m.k) 16 24
Specific Heat                      *10-3J/(kg*K) 0.78 0.78
Electrical Characteristics Dielectric constant (1MHZ)  - 9 9.4
Dielectric loss angle         *10-4 15 5
Dielectric strength              *106V/m 12 15


Some applications of the wear resistant ceramic lining

ceramic rubber for abrasion

alumina tiles for protection

wear resistant application.png

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