Wear Resistant Ceramic

Wear Resistant Ceramic

wear resistant ceramic include 92% alumina ceramic and 95% alumina ceramic.
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Product Details

Compositions of the wear resistant ceramic

Pzerformance Index



Al2O3 (wear resistant alumina ceramic)






Compressive strength(Mpa)



Hardness mohs



Volume density(g/cm3)



Water absorption(%)



Color of product



Description if the wear resistant ceramic

Wear resistant ceramic(wear resistant alumina ceramic tiles,bricks,plates,rubber ceramic liners) is a kind of materials for transportation used in steel plant,cement plant,power plant and mining fields to protect the equipments,and then reduce the maintanence cost,prolong the quipment life.Wear resistant ceramic is the best materials in industries and some wear resistant fields.Its wear resistant is the 10 times than low steel materials.

Progress of the wear resistant ceramic

Advantages of the wear resistant ceramic

a.long useful life and reduce the mantainence cost.

b.excellent wear resistant and anti corrosion.

c.low density

d.Wear resistant ceramic is a kind of green materials for transportation.

Leading sizes of the wear resistant ceramic tiles

150*100*12mm,plain tiles and weld tiles

150*12*13mm,plain tiles and weld tiles

150*50*13mm,plain tiles and weld tiles

150*100*25mm,plain tiles and weld tiles

150*150*6mm,hex mosaic tiles

150*100*6mm,plain tiles and weld tiles

150*25*13mm,plain tiles and weld tiles

150*50/47*13mm,trapezoidal brick

150*30/25*13mm,trapezoidal brick

rubber ceramic liner leading sizes:

500*500*30mm,20mm alumina ceramic tiles,5mm rubber and 5mm steel

500*500*37mm,25mm alumina ceramic tiles,6mm rubber and 6mm steel

500*441*37mm,25mm alumina ceramic tiles,6mm rubber and 6mm steel

302*302*30mm,20mm alumina ceramic tiles,5mm rubber and 5mm steel

500*188*30mm,20mm alumina ceramic tiles,5mm rubber and 5mm steel

Any sizes and thickness are customised according to clients requirements.

Performance index 92series 95series Performance index 92series 95series
Content ≥92 ≥95 Moh’s Hardness 9 9
Bulk Density 3.63g/m³ 3.68g/m³ Rate of Water Absorption (%) ≤0.01 ≤0.01
Bending strength (M pa) 255 275 Rochwell Hardness(HRA) ≥85 ≥85
Compressive Strength(Mp) ≥2000 ≥2250 Fracture Toughness (M pa) 3.65 3.75
Thermal expansion coefficient(6.5-7.5) 7.2×10-6m/×m.k 7.5×10-6m/×m.k Dielectric Strength 10×10-6 10×10-6
Thermal Conductivity 20W/m.k 20W/m.k Temperature 1600 1600