Wear Resistant Ceramics

Wear Resistant Ceramics

QS wear resistant equipment Co.,Ltd have all kinds of wear resistant products.alumina ceramic tiles,alumina ceramic tubes and other wear resistant ceramic products.Any more informations,please contact us!
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Descriptions of the wear resistant ceramics

In order to distinguish the ancient traditional ceramics, modern engineering ceramics are usually called advanced ceramics, new ceramics, fine ceramics, special ceramics and high technology ceramics. The raw materials used are usually made of artificial or artificial inorganic powder. Through the structure design, precise stoichiometric, suitable forming method and firing system to achieve specific performance, processed to conform to the requirements of the use of dimensional accuracy of inorganic non-metallic materials. According to the different materials used, structural ceramics can be divided into oxide ceramics, nitride ceramics, carbide ceramics, boron ceramics and so on.

1.Alumina ceramic tiles(Alumina ceramic bricks)

2.Alumina ceramic tube(Alumina ceramic pipe)

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