Wear Resistant Ceramic Rubber Linings

Wear Resistant Ceramic Rubber Linings

Wear Resistant Ceramic Rubber linings widely used in some wear resistant equipemnts to prolong their useful life.Shandong Qishuai can customise all kinds of sizes plates.Welcome to contact me.
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Description of the Wear Resistant Ceramic Rubber Linings

Ceramic rubber Linings are designed and manufactured byvulcanising 92%or 95%wear-resistant alumina tiles into the rubber backing.


The benefits of Rubber Backed Ceramic plates are that the alumina is exposed to the material flow and is fully embedded into a specially designed rubber backing.


The rubber backing also assists in reducing noise levels within the plant and is engineered to resist the impact in each individual application. Modular bolt-in sections for easy installation,Just bond or bolt them on as you would any other traditional steel or rubber lining plate.

Technical deails of the ceramic rubber linings

ceramic rubber lining

rubber ceramic composite lining

some leading products

rubber ceramic plates


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