Wear Resistant Ceramic Rubber Plate

Wear Resistant Ceramic Rubber Plate

Wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite liner is a brick-shaped or cylindrical wear-resistant corundum ceramic inlaid in special rubber, and with CN rubber layer or welded steel plate heat vulcanization as a whole to form a liner. The liner is suitable for various types of funnels, with strong wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, is currently the most advanced wear-resistant vibration-proof materials, widely used in power plants, coal, mines, port terminals, such as large bulk of scattered materials, such as Hopper, blanking warehouse.
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wear resistant ceramic rubber plate

wear resistant ceramic rubber plate using a special formula, high pressure vulcanization treatment, wear resistance greatly improve the service life is fierce steel liner 1.5-twice times, the rubber itself unique elastic cushion greatly reduced the fierce impact.

At the same time, the wear resistant ceramic rubber plate has excellent corrosion resistance.

Wear-resistant composite liner: Wear-resistant composite liner has mainly ceramic composite liner and bimetal wear-resistant liner. Wear-resistant composite liner to avoid the shortcomings of a single material, such as ceramic brittleness, high chromium alloy is not weldability.

Dimension and Specification of wear resistant ceramic rubber plate and ceramic plates for hopper/bunker/chute:

SizesLength/WidthCeramic ThicknessRubber ThicknessSteel Thickness

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