Wear Resistant Chromium Liner Plates

Wear Resistant Chromium Liner Plates

wear resistant chromium liner plates provided from Shandong Qishuai.(Some wear resistant parts also provided to cement plants.)wear resistant lining plates,wear resistant liner plates,wear resistant chromium carbide plates are very popular in cement plants.
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Description of the Wear resistant liner plate

Wear-resistant surfacing and the formation of a good base material between the holes, loose and other defects, metallurgical bonding, oxide-free interface at the inclusion, to avoid the wear-resistant layer under the action of stress and abrasive wear off and fall off. During the surfacing process, the surfacing layer is cracked by adjusting the composition of the surfacing alloy and the surfacing process parameters, and the filamentary cracks are evenly distributed, but not extended to the interior of the substrate. This crack plays the role of releasing stress and ensures that the surfacing layer and the substrate are well bonded and reduces the possibility of fracture and falling of the surfacing alloy so that the composite plate can be easily processed and shaped and helps to absorb the moderate impact force.

Application of the wear resistant liner plate

The equipment of cement, coal, mining, electric power, coal chemical industry and other industries have serious wear and tear and have not only caused huge economic losses, but also the frequent replacement of components seriously affected and restricted the production. High chromium wear-resistant composite board with good wear resistance, impact resistance, used in the above industrial equipment, which can effectively extend the service life of equipment, to avoid repeated replacement and maintenance affect the production schedule, reduce equipment investment for enterprises and bring good Economic benefits.