Wear Resistant Chromium Plates

Wear Resistant Chromium Plates

QS is a manufacture focus on wear resistant chromium carbide plates.QS not only provided high quality products but also we can give professional suggestions to protect wear resistant equipments.
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wear resistant chromium plates features

High chromium alloy wear-resistant composite steel with its excellent properties, promote the promotion of high-quality wear-resistant materials, improve the application of wear-resistant steel, cement production efficiency and reduce operating costs, to solve the problems encountered in the production of wear and tear technical problems .

Wear-resistant steel performance characteristics:

1 wear resistance:

Wear-resistant steel wear-resistant layer thickness of 3-12 mm, wear-resistant layer hardness can reach HRC58-62, wear resistance is 15-20 times more than ordinary steel, low alloy steel performance is 5-10 times more high-chromium cast iron 2-5 times more wear resistance, wear resistance is much higher than the spray and thermal spraying and other methods.

2. Impact performance:

Bimetal composite wear-resistant steel plate is a double-layer metal structure, wear-resistant layer and the substrate is a metallurgical combination of high bonding strength, can be absorbed in the impact of energy absorption layer will not fall off, can be applied to the vibration , The impact of strong working conditions, this is cast wear-resistant materials and ceramic materials can not.