Wear Resistant Claddding Overlay Plate

Wear Resistant Claddding Overlay Plate

wear resistant claddding overlay plate with 5+3,6+4,3+3,6+6,8+5,8+6,8+8,10+10.Any sizes and thickness are customised according to clients requests. Any more details,welcome to contact us:florahu@zbqishuai.cn
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Description of the wear resistant claddding overlay plate

Use of wear resistant claddding overlay plate:

1) thermal power plants: medium-speed coal mill cylinder liner, socket shell, fan impeller, dust collector inlet flue ash catheter, dou turbine lining board, separator connecting pipe, coal crusher lining plate, coal bucket and crusher plate, burner burner, coal bucket and funnel liner, air preheater stents tile, separator guide vane.

2) coal: feeding trough and funnel liner, hopper liner, fan blades, pusher plate, cyclone dust collector, coke guide plate, ball mill liner, a bit stabilizer, spiral feeder bell and pedestal, bucket lined with kneading machine, ring feeder, skip the backplane.

3) cement: chute liner, liner, at the end of cyclone dust collector, classifier vane and guide vane, fan blade and lining, recycle pipe lining, screw conveyor backplane, piping components, clinker cooling plate lining, conveyor trough plate.

4) loading machinery: unloading mill chain plate, hopper liner, grab blade, automatic tipper board, dump truck body.

5) mining machinery: ore material, stone crusher liner, blade, conveyor liner, baffle.

6) construction machinery: cement pushing machine tooth plate, concrete mixing tower, mixer liner, dust catcher liner, brick making mould board.

7) engineering machinery: loader, bulldozer, digger bucket board, side edge board, bucket plate, blade, rotary drill drill pipe.

8) metallurgical machinery: iron ore sintering machine, conveying elbow, iron ore sintering machine liner, scraper liner. This kind of machinery requires high temperature resistant and extremely hard wear resistant steel plate.

9) wear-resistant steel plate can also be used in sand mill barrel, blade, various goods yard, wharf machinery parts, bearing structural parts, railway wheel structure, roll, etc.

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