Alumina Ceramic Rubber Lining Wear Plate

Alumina Ceramic Rubber Lining Wear Plate

The wear-resistant alumina ceramic composite board is made by vulcanizing the special ceramic piece into the special rubber to form a square wear-resistant rubber lining, and then fixed on the inner shell steel plate of the equipment by welding or pasting to form a strong and cushioning Wear layer. Wear-resistant alumina ceramic composite panels are widely used in coal handling and ash discharge systems of coal-fired power plants and in silos and hoppers in the metallurgical and steel industry.
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In the coal-fired, ash-discharging system of the thermal power plant and the materials, batching silos, hoppers and other equipments in the metallurgical steel industry, due to large material drop and strong impact, the equipment has problems such as easy wear and low service life.

ceramic rubber lining wear plate

rubber shock resistant ceramic composite plate

Rubber ceramic liner have two forms :

1: Rubber + ceramic   

2: metal + rubber + ceramic.  

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