Bimetal Overlay Chromium Carbide Plate

Bimetal Overlay Chromium Carbide Plate

The base material of our company's chromium carbide wear plate is Q235 steel plate, which can guarantee the toughness and plasticity of the chromium carbide cover plate, and can provide the strength against external force. The bimetal structure is used, and there is metallurgy between the wear layer and the base material. Combined, the bonding strength is high, energy can be absorbed during the impact process, and the wear protection does not fall off. Suitable for strong vibration and shock working environments.
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Description of bimetal overlay chromium carbide plate

Bimetallic composite surfacing wear plate is a high wear-resistant composite material, which is the use of automatic metal arc surfacing method in Q235 entire plate to form a eutectic high chromium alloy wear-resistant layer. In the wear-resisting composite board, the metal compound distributes on the basis of the solid solution in diffused form and is actually used as the reinforcing phase, so that the strength, hardness and abrasion resistance of the whole alloy can be greatly improved.

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Widely used in power industry, metallurgical industry, cement industry, glass industry, mining industry, machinery industry, coal handling industry, waterway dredging, port terminals.

Main Thickness of hardfacing overlay plate

5+3,6+4,8+6,10+10,12+12,etc (or as your requirement)

Plate size of hardfacing overlay plate

Length:3400mm     Width:1400mm    (size can be customized)

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