Carbide Wear Resistant Plates

Carbide Wear Resistant Plates

The chromium carbide composite wear-resistant steel plate is the main wear-resistant layer of Cr7C3 carbide with a volume fraction of more than 50% on the ordinary steel plate (Q235(A3) and stainless steel plate. It has the characteristics of high wear resistance, impact resistance, deformation and weldability. It can be used as steel plate to deform, cut and punch holes and so on.
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description of carbide wear resistant plates

Material: low carbon steel substrate + chromium carbide layer.

Common specifications: 5+ 3,6 + 4,6 + 6,8 +3 8+4 8+5 8+6 8+8 10+6 10+10 (also can be made according to the user's requirements)

Plate width: 1500X3000mm, 1400X3400mm (also can be made according to user requirements)

Anti-wear layer alloy composition: C: 5.0%, Cr: 27-35%,

feature of carbide wear resistant plates

Hardness: alloy layer hardness hrc58-62.

Wear resistance: 20 to 25 times of low carbon steel, 8-12 times of stainless steel and high manganese steel, more than 1.5 times higher than normal high carbon and high chromium wear resistant steel plate.

High temperature resistance: regular < 600 ℃; High temperature < 1000 ℃.

Impact resistance: the wear-resistant alloy layer is fully metallurgical with the base material and has strong impact resistance.

Machinability: weldable, cutting, crimping, punching.

Connectibility: welding can be welded into a variety of structural parts or components through the welding of the base layer steel plate.

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