Cement Mill Roller Shields

Cement Mill Roller Shields

we produce the wear resistant chromium carbide plate for mining,steel,power,cement and so on
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description of cement mill roller shields

Principle: chromium carbide wear-resistant composite steel plate is made of 16Mn  chromium carbide alloy wear-resistant layer. Ways: wear-resistant layer by bright arc welding or submerged arc welding method mining arc welding more wear-resistant, but there will be cracks on the surface. 

Performance: Special self-protection bright arc welding wire evenly fused to different thlckness of the steel substrate, less cracks, high hardness, longer life expectancy  


1, with dual properties of high hard materials and ductile materials,can withstand moderate impact and vibration,to prevent failing off . 

2. Compared with other such as all kinds of alloy steel,cast wear resistant steel ceramics. cast stone, rubber and so on, with good wear resistant be any processing                                  

3. east instalIation. cuttina. weldina. drillina. bendina.  

4, suitable for different occasions 

5, hiclh temperature, can be used at 55  e materials. can wiihsta  cast wear-resistant steq r resistance, high toughness. can be used at 550 degrees. does not affect the wear resistance

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