Ceramic Rubber Composite Panels

Ceramic Rubber Composite Panels

We specialize in manufacturing wear products, alumina ceramic rubber wear linings, rubber lining, polyurethane liner, rich experience makes sure high quality, advanced technology, excellent bonding strength.
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Product Details

Wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite panels Features:


First, the impact, with good cushioning properties, which can effectively buffer the impact of falling ore from high altitude.

Second, the construction is convenient, liner installation without gaps. Rubber composite liner can twist, cut, suitable for installation of various special-shaped equipment.

Third, non-stick material does not block the material: Due to the high strength ceramic, corrosion-resistant properties, effectively solve the phenomenon of equipment, materials and materials blocking blocking material. Traditional nylon board often dip material, affecting work efficiency

Fourth, the wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite board density lower than the steel, light weight, easy to replace

General dimension and specification of rubber backed ceramic plates:   

Specification ( L×W×T)Thickness Details 
300×300×12mm6mm ceramic + 6mm rubber
250×250×15mm10mm ceramic +5mm rubber
250×300×16mm12mm ceramic +4mm rubber
500×500×15mm10mm ceramic + 5mm rubber
500×400×20mm12mm ceramic + 8mm rubber
500×500×30mm20mm ceramic + 10mm rubber
300×300×63mm50mm ceramic + 13mm rubber
500×500×63mm50mm ceramic + 13mm rubber


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