Ceramic Rubber Lining

Ceramic Rubber Lining

Ceramic rubber lining(wear resistant rubber ceramic lining)used in all kinds of wear resistant equipments. 500*500*20mm,500*500*30mm,320*320*20mm,410*410*25mm,all kinds of sizes are provided.
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Product Details

Description of the rubber ceramic lining

As a professional wear protection products production and suppliers, we can promptly provide you with a scheme to solve the problem of wear and tear, according to the actual working condition, choosing the proper wear-resistant materials and connection mode, optimize the product design, stable high quality factory and field construction, the consummation post-sale service, help you to improve the operation efficiency and service life of the equipment.

QiShuai is professional for coal, steel, cement, mining mineral processing, coal cleaning and other industries to provide wear-resistant pipes, wear-resistant equipment and components of professional manufacturers, is the most ability of wear-resisting pipe fitting design, production enterprises. The company has the professional engineering technical personnel, can provide the anti-wear integration solution for the relevant industry. Company can provide wear-resistant elbow, wear-resisting pipe, ceramic tiles, dense medium flotation coal pipe, cement pulverized coal classifier lining, vertical mill cyclone cylinder liner, pipe fittings, Angle of burner nozzle, lining of ceramic type pulverized coal burner, cyclone wear serious such as pipeline and into a ball machine, ball mill, the experimental furnace and other equipment parts.

Technical details of the rubber ceramic lining

       Technical Data of the surface Ceramic:  

       Technical Data of the Rubber:




Alumina content


Tensile Strength

≥26 MPa

Bulk Density


Break Extension


Rockwell Hardness (HRA)


Shore Hardness


Compressive Strength


Break Permanent Deformation


Fracture Toughness


Rubber and Ceramic Adhesion Force

(Shearing Stress)



 Bending Strength


Temperature Resistance


Thermal Conductivity 20℃


Rubber Aging Life

≥8 years

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion


Gap Between Tile

Young's Modulus  20℃277GPa
Rubber Edge1.5-2.0mm

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