Ceramic Rubber Roller

Ceramic Rubber Roller

Ceramic rubber roller is a cylindrical part, which is divided into driving and driven rollers. It is used in conveying equipment such as rotary screen printing machines, digital printers, papermaking and packaging machinery, etc., in stainless steel, cast steel parts, solid forging. Alloy steel core is made of material.
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Ceramic rubber rollers are an important part and component of belt conveyor systems.

Ceramic rubber roller can effectively improve the running condition of the conveying system, protect the metal drum from being worn, prevent the belt from slipping, and make the drum and the belt run synchronously, thereby ensuring efficient and large-volume operation of the belt.


Ceramic rubber roller cylinder is wrapped outside the metal base cylinder, and the outer surface of the rubber cylinder is inlaid with a wear-resistant ceramic sheet. The surface of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet embedded on the surface of the rubber cylinder is a granular projection with increased friction.


The utility model has reasonable design and simple technical scheme, and the roller with the ceramic piece has excellent gripping force, and greatly improves the wear resistance of the roller, so that the working cycle of the roller reaches 4-6 years, which is higher than that of the prior art roller. Life expectancy is increased by 5-10 times. 

Product advantages

1. High wear resistance

2.Life of the belt can be extended.

3. The wear resistance of the ceramic makes the service life of the driving roller more than ten times that of the original roller.

4, suitable for extreme wear and tear, high slip, and extremely harsh conditions such as wet materials or surrounding environment.

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