Ceramic Rubber

Ceramic Rubber

Ceramic rubber is a kind of wear resistant materials.All kinds of sizes and thickness are available according to customers requests.They are widely used in minings,steels,power,cement and others industries.So that it protect the equipments and prolong the equipments useful life.
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Product Details

Ceramic Rubber

The ceramic USES 95% AL2O3 to add a variety of wear-resisting materials unique formula, 100 tons of dry pressure forming, with high density, high toughness, wear resistance and other characteristics. The wear-resistant ceramics produced by our company has been tested by the Shanghai institute of silicate of Chinese academy of sciences, which is 266 times of manganese steel and 171 high chromium cast iron. 5 times.

2. Cold and heat resistance of the ceramic rubber

One sulfide type impact wear-resistant ceramic plate is developed on the basis of summing up experience, added a variety of ingredients in the rubber, so that the rubber in the low temperature of minus 50 degrees and 100 degrees high temperatures will not change the internal structure, so as to avoid rubber aging, ceramics fall off.

500*500*25mm,20mm ceramic tiles+5mm rubber thickness

500*500*30mm,25mm ceramic tiles+5mm rubber thickness

320*320*30mm,25mm ceramic tiles+5mm rubber thickness

250*250*25mm,20mm ceramic tiles+5mm rubber thickness

300*300*30mm,20mm ceramic tiles+5mm rubber thickness+5mm steel thickness

450*450*40mm,30mm ceramic tiles+5mm rubber thickness+5mm steel thickness

Pls note that:All kinds of sizes are available according to customers drawings.

Technical details of the ceramic rubber

technicals of the alumina ceramic

1) Al2O3: 92% or 95%

2) Density: 3.6g/cm3

3) Compressive strength: above 2,000MPa

4) Water absorption: <0.01

5) Crushing strength: ≥520kN

6) Hardness: 9 (Mohs)

7) Size: 40mm-75mm

Packing: cartons shrinked by pallets

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