Composite Rubber Ceramic Plate

Composite Rubber Ceramic Plate

Shandong Qishuai is the manufacture focus on wear resistant rubber ceramic linings.QS has almost 10 years production experience in China.With high quality and very good price sale well in America,Russia,Australia,Pakistan... Any more details,welcome to contact us!contact
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Product Details

Description of the composite rubber ceramic plate

Cold resistant high temperature vulcanization integrated shock type wear-resistant ceramic plate is developed on the basis of summarizing the experience for many years, added a variety of ingredients in the rubber, so that the rubber in the low temperature of minus 50 degrees and 100 degrees high temperatures will not change the internal structure, so as to avoid rubber aging, ceramics fall off. 3. Shock my company production of wear-resistant ceramic Al2O3 lattice introduced in the formula of which is similar of Cr2O3 and TiO2, and add the imported from Japan's Toshiba ZnO whisker, in the process of sintering and Al2O3 form solid solution, rise to refine the grain, and improve the fracture toughness of sintered. Because the raw material is expensive, domestic other manufacturers have not adopted this recipe. The fracture toughness of wear-resistant ceramic products of our company is KIC, which is greater than 4.8 Mpa/m2. We adopt the most reliable way to ensure that the operation is not lost: a. the vulcanization process of ceramic and rubber is mature and reliable. In the ceramic surface treatment before vulcanization, we adopt the surface treatment agent imported from USA. Vulcanization of the products even if people will bend plate 360 °, ceramics also won't fall off from the rubber.

Technicals of the composite rubber ceramic plate

The performence

Content of AL2O3



≥3.6 g/cm3

Rockwell hardness

≥85 HRA

Rupturing toughness


Compression-resistant strength




Pull-apart strength(MPa)


Pull-apart prolongation(%)


Shore hardness


Permanent deform(%)


Adhesion of the adhesive agent and the ceramic(MPa)


The form service life of the adhesive agent




Coefficient of conducting heat.


The performance to be nonflammable


Coefficient of heat-expandability



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