Good Abrasion Resistance Alumina Ceramic Rubber Lining Plate with High Density from China

Good abrasion resistance Rubber ceramic Wear Liner is very popular in mining and some euopments.With high abrasion and density,it it widly used in coal conveying system and dust collection system of thermal power plant. All most wear resistant composite rubber ceramic products produced by customers’ drawings.All kinds of sizes are customised.We are expecting become your long terms cooperate partner in China.
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Product Details

1.Product Introduction of the Rubber ceramic Wear Liner

The Rubber ceramic Wear Liners are installed on equipment by welded methods (wear resistant rubber ceramic with steel plate) or by its highly adhesive (rubber ceramic wear liner).It was made up with alumina ceramic tiles and high adhesive rubber and sales well in Australia,Russia,Brazil,Chile.Compared with ordinary ceramic tiles, the Ceramic-rubber plate under the special process treatment changes the ceramic mechanism of easy breakage.

Rubber Ceramic wear liner is consist of natural rubber and wear resistant alumina ceramic.It is not only have highly abrasion resistant but also it has great strech.So it can protect the equipment.

2.Product Specifications of the Rubber ceramic wear liner

Technical data of alumina ceramic lining tile:



Alumina content


Bulk Density


Mohs Hardness


Compressive strength


KIC fracture toughness


Bending strength


Thermal conductivity


Coefficient of thermal expansion


Technical data of rubber:



Tensile Strength


Break Extension


Shore Hardness


Break Permanent Deformation


Rubber and Ceramic Adhesion




Rubber Aging Life

≥8 year

Normal Standard sizes:

500*500*30mm(13mm thickness of the ceramic tiles,7mm thickness of the steel and 10mm rubber thickness)
500*188*37mm(25mm ceramic tiles,6mm steel and 6mm rubber)
302*302*10mm(6mm ceramic tiles and 4mm rubber)
316*476*43mm(25mm ceramic tiles,12mm steel and 6mm rubber)

3. Application of the Rubber Ceramic Wear Liner

4. Deliver,shipping and serving of the Rubber Ceramic Wear liner

5. FAQ:

1.Why choose your company?

We are the manufacture.We have a quality team can control the quality timely.We also have engineers group,all questions can ask us,they will help u in their specialized knowledge.

2.What is your MOQ

W e can meet your requirements.Trial orders are accept.We know this is very important if the first cooperate.

3.How many stuff in your company?

Almost 50 people.Warmly welcome to our company.

4.Can we customized some products?

Off course.If u have drawings,we can produce according to your drawings.Sure,if u dont have drawings,our engineers can drawing it according to your requirements.

5.What is your company annual output?

14,000 tons.We have produce these products near 10 years,eported to Australia,Russia,India,America,Cananda and some Europe countries.