Lining Ceramic Rubber

Lining Ceramic Rubber

Lining ceramic rubber(alumina ceramic mat,alumina ceramic tiles,alumina ceramic liner plate,rubber ceramic plate with steel)widely used in wear resistant equipments.With all kinds of sizes and shapes.Any more details,comtact
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Product Details

Descriptions of the lining ceramic rubber

1. lining ceramic rubber and steel plates shall be fixed or welded to the equipment by means of sunk head bolts;

2. The other one is rubber and ceramic composite, which is used to get the chute drop hopper.

Specific type selection is based on different transport media, different working conditions, different environment (temperature), depending on different wear conditions.

The specific indicators of the hardness and lining ceramic rubber are:

Wear volume of 0.06 cubic cm or less, the volume density of 3.5 g/cm3, rockwell hardness acuity 82 hra, vickers hardness 8 or higher gpa, compressive strength of 850 MPa, or cure for ceramics into the rubber rubber performance also have requirements, such as rubber tensile strength, elongation at failure, shaw hardness and pull a permanent deformation rate, and a ceramic bond strength of 4.0 MPa or rubber.

Applications of the lining ceramic rubber

wear resistant application.png


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