Rubber Ceramic Composite Wear-resistant Lining

Rubber Ceramic Composite Wear-resistant Lining

Rubber ceramic composite wear-resistant lining There are two types of rubber composite wear-resistant liners:​ 1. Rubber plus ceramic, the two are combined into a wear-resistant lining. Referred to as two-in-one wear pad, 2. Rubber plus ceramic, plus steel plate (with bolts), the three are compounded into a wear-resistant lining. Abbreviated as three-in-one wear pad
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Rubber ceramic composite wear-resistant lining 

I. Product structure The ceramic sheet is embedded in special rubber to form a rubber-ceramic composite lining board (referred to as RCC lining board), and then the high-strength organic adhesive is used to bond the lining board to the inner shell steel plate of the equipment, forming a strong A cushioning abrasion resistant layer.

2. Uses As wear-resistant, they are widely used in coal storage, ash discharge systems of coal-fired power plants, silos, hoppers and other equipment in the conveying and batching systems of the metallurgical and iron industry.

3. Physical index Tensile strength ≥12Mpa; Elongation ≥250%; Permanent deformation ≤20%; Shear strength ≥3Mpa; Temperature resistance ≤100 ℃

Our company can customize according to customer requirements or drawings.

Rubber ceramic composite wear-resistant lining1

If the customer has not used similar products before, we will also recommend more suitable products and construction solutions for the customer according to the customer's working conditions.

In addition to rubber ceramic composite wear-resistant lining, our company also has chrome carbide wear-resistant plates and alumina ceramic wear-resistant plates.

Our technicians will give customers more professional design and follow the plan.

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