Rubber Ceramic Liners

Rubber Ceramic Liners

Rubber ceramic liners For Hopper / Chute / Bins combined with advantages of alumina ceramics and rubber, are beneficial to decrease downtime, maintenance cost and extend the service life of the equipment.
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Features of the Rubber ceramic liners

1. Wear resistance: alumina corundum ceramics, hardness above HRA85, 272.5 times wear resistance than the ferrite;

2. Impact resistance: toughening ceramic formulations to ensure that the ceramic is not easy to break, unique spherical design and high-quality buffer layer, can resist the impact of bulk materials;

3. High temperature: long-term operation at 0 ℃ -250 ℃;

4 acid and alkali: rubber with a new formula of acid-base rubber, resistant to weak acids and weak bases;

5. Anti-drop: one piece of ceramic rubber vulcanization, with a very strong combination; each piece of ceramic piercing bolts through the bottom of the plate, was firmly welded, double insurance;

6. Easy to install and replace: the use of a single liner to provide easy replacement and installation, reduce after-sales service;

7. Reduce maintenance: superior wear resistance to greatly reduce the frequency of maintenance, cost savings and labor.

Technicals of the rubber ceramic liners



alumina content






compressive strength


KIC broken tenacity


bending strength


conductive coefficient


thermal expansion coefficient



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