Rubber Ceramic Lining

Rubber Ceramic Lining

Shandong Qishuai Wear Resistant Equipment Co.,Ltd is a manufacture focus on wear resistant alumina ceramic products.(rubber ceramic lining).We have 8 years production experience in North China. Any more details,welcome to contact
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Applications of the rubber ceramic lining

1. Anti-wear ceramic series: wear resistant ceramics; Ceramic lining for silo; Ceramic liner of silo; Hopper ceramic lining; Wear-resistant lining; Bin lining; Wear lining board; Three-in-one rubber ceramic liner; Two-in-one rubber ceramic liner; Rubber ceramic lining; The coal bunker ceramic liner is lined with lining of coal pipe, ceramic wear-resistant lining, ceramic wear-resistant perforated lining board, ceramic wear-resistant arc lining board, and ceramic wear-resistant trapezoidal liner installation.

2. Raw material conveying pipe of steel plant; Receiving pipeline; Dust removal pipe; Ash pipeline; Ash pipeline; Mixing pipe of ingredients; Grinding the outlet pipe; Coal pipelines; Coal pipe; Separator pipe; Burner pipe; Slot liner; Cylinder mixer liner; Disc mixer; Separator outlet pipe; Separator lining; Inlet pipe of separator; Dust collecting duct lining; Stand out the wind pipe lining; Circulating air duct;

rubber ceramic lining

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