Rubber Ceramic Linings

Rubber Ceramic Linings

Rubber ceramic linings(wear resistant rubber ceramic linings)with very excellent quality and very nice price.320*320*20mm,320*320*30mm,500*500*25mm....All kinds of sizes and thickness are customised according to clients requirements.
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Product Details

Chractures of the rubber ceramic linings

1.Shock: wear-resisting of alumina ceramic lining rubber has good buffer performance, can effectively buffer the impact of the fall from the sky, such as ore and wear-resistant ceramic lining due to the raw materials for the main products of alumina, wear-resisting performance, but lack of toughness, must choose when impact reaches a certain degree of wear resistant composite ceramic plate;

2. Convenient construction: no clearance after installation. Rubber composite liner can be distorted and cut, suitable for the installation of all kinds of special equipment.

Technicals of the rubber ceramic linings

Technical Data of the surface Ceramic:  

Technical Data of the Rubber:Competitive price rubber ceramic compound liner/ plate 




Alumina content


Tensile Strength

≥26 MPa

Bulk Density


Break Extension


Rockwell Hardness (HRA)


Shore Hardness


Compressive Strength


Break Permanent Deformation


Fracture Toughness


Rubber and Ceramic Adhesion Force

(Shearing Stress)



 Bending Strength


Temperature Resistance


Thermal Conductivity 20℃


Rubber Aging Life

≥8 years

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion


Gap Between Tile

Young's Modulus  20℃277GPa
Rubber Edge1.5-2.0mm

rubber chute liner....png

ceramic rubber. (2).jpg