Rubber Ceramic Wear Liner

Rubber Ceramic Wear Liner

Rubber ceramic Wear Liner,Ceramic Rubber Lining,Rubber ceramic Wear Liner,China Rubber Lining supplied by Shandong QS.More details,welcome to
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Product Details

Description of the Rubber ceramic Wear Liner

The company has a full set of advanced production equipment wear-resistant products and with many domestic and foreign enterprises, research institutes to maintain good relations of cooperation to ensure that users provide high-quality wear-resistant anti-corrosion materials and engineering services. The company is committed to industrial wear-resistant ceramics, Rubber ceramic Wear Liner, wear-resistant machinery and equipment development, production. Has formed a wear-resistant ceramic liner (film), ceramic lined pipes, wear-resistant shaped pieces, ball mill wear-resistant ceramic lining brick, ceramic wear-resistant alumina ball, high purity alumina filler ball, ceramic rubber composite panels, Wear-resistant machinery and other eight categories of products, and a professional wear-resistant construction team. Our products are characterized by high strength, high hardness, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance. They are mainly used in industries such as thermoelectricity, steel, coal washing, non-metallic mineral, smelting, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials and powder machinery.

Technical details of the Rubber ceramic Wear Liner

  • Technical Data of the surface Ceramic:  

  • Technical Data of the Rubber:




Alumina content


Tensile Strength

≥26 MPa

Bulk Density


Break Extension


Rockwell Hardness (HRA)


Shore Hardness


Compressive Strength


Break Permanent Deformation


Fracture Toughness


Rubber and Ceramic Adhesion Force

(Shearing Stress)



 Bending Strength


Temperature Resistance


Thermal Conductivity 20℃


Rubber Aging Life

≥8 years

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion


Gap Between Tile

Young's Modulus  20℃277GPa
Rubber Edge1.5-2.0mm