Rubber Lining

Rubber Lining

wear resistant rubber lining used in some different kinds of industries.All kinds of sizes and shapes are available.Pls contact
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Product Details

Description of the rubber lining

I. product structure

Wear-resisting ceramics is a small square special ceramics (alumina) embedded within the special rubber, a square wear-resisting rubber lining, then the use of high strength organic adhesive will adhesive lining board in the device's inner shell, sheet metal forming strong and buffers to wear layer, is currently the best wear products.

Ii. Product use

It is widely used in the coal conveying system of coal fired power plant, the conveying system of the metallurgical and steel industry, the material bin of the batching system and the hopper, etc. The liner can be twisted and cut, suitable for the installation of all kinds of special equipment, and water and weak acid and alkali resistance. But for rubber aging at high temperature, limit under 100 ℃ temperature environment use.

Technical of the rubber lining

Technical Datas of rubber bakced ceramic lining:

Main Technical Parameter of Wear Resistant Ceramic 



Alumina Content


Bulk Density


Rockwell Hardness (HRA)


Compressive Strength


KIC Fracture Toughness


Bending Strength


Thermal Conductivity


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
















Main Technical Parameters of rubber ceramic composite plates




Tensile Strength


Break Extension


Shore Hardness


Break Permanent Deformation


Rubber and Ceramic Adhesion




Rubber Aging Life

≥8 year

Details of the rubber lining