Wear-resistant Ceramic Lining Suppliers

Wear-resistant Ceramic Lining Suppliers

Wear-resistant Ceramic Lining Suppliers come from Shandong QS.QS is the manufacture focus on all kinds of wear resistant rubber ceramic linings.Any more details,welcome to contact us:florahu@zbqishuai.cn
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Product Details

Feachures of the Wear-resistant Ceramic Lining 

First, Wear-resistant Ceramic Lining structure

92% AI2O3 ceramic sheet forms a lining with natural rubber under high temperature and high pressure to reduce the vibration. The damping performance of rubber gives new vitality to ceramic and expands the applicable environment of ceramic.

Second, the product features

1. Excellent wear resistance, wear resistance, improve equipment utilization

2. Elastic rubber can withstand material impact

3. Product temperature range: -35 ~ 80 ℃

4. Easy to install the adhesive, straight stick, screw the form of construction faster

5. Used for vibrating equipment parts friction performance service

6. Reduce maintenance costs

Third, the scope of application

Widely used in belt transfer transfer warehouse, coke weighing funnel, vibration hopper, concrete mixer, feeding and screening equipment. Lining can twist, cut, suitable for the installation of a variety of special equipment.

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