Wear -resistant Rubber Ceramic Liner Plates

Wear -resistant Rubber Ceramic Liner Plates

Rubber ceramic plate is a new type of wear-resistant material that can be cut, twisted, good impact resistance, high wear resistance, and easy to install. It is suitable for various working conditions in the cement, mining, steel, coal and other industries.
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Our company has 2 series of wear-resistant rubber ceramic composite plates:
Two-in-one series (rubber + ceramic) and three-in-one series (rubber + ceramic + steel plate).

1.Two-in-one series

rubber ceramic plate

2.Three-in-one series

rubber ceramic composite wear plate

This wear-resistant composite plate uses rubber vulcanization technology. Alumina ceramics are embedded in the rubber with a vulcanizing machine to form a more wear-resistant and impact-resistant wear-resistant product. Rubber ceramic plate is lighter than alloy products, which can reduce the load bearing capacity of the equipment.

Qishuai is an enterprise and manufacturer that provides professional equipment anti-wear products and solutions. We will provide customers with the fastest solution to the problem according to the customer's working conditions and product requirements and drawings.

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