Wear Resistant Rubber Ceramic Liners

Wear Resistant Rubber Ceramic Liners

QS is the manufacture focus on wear resistant alumina ceramic products.Include wear resistant rubber ceramic linings,wear resistant rubber ceramic liner,alumina ceramic tiles... QS served so many mining companies,power plants,cement plants and steel plants in Australia,Russia,Brazil,Pakistan...
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wear resistant rubber ceramic liners

Wear-resistant ceramic liner is a kind of aluminum oxide (AL2O3) as the main material, supplemented by other ingredients, after high temperature sintering at 1700 ° C, are widely used in thermal power, steel, metallurgy, machinery, coal, mining, Cement, ports and other enterprises in the coal conveying, feeding system, milling system, dust, dust and other systems of wear and tear on all large machinery and equipment, according to different needs can choose different types of products.

he performence

Content of AL2O3



≥3.6 g/cm3

Rockwell hardness

≥85 HRA

Rupturing toughness


Compression-resistant strength




Pull-apart strength(MPa)


Pull-apart prolongation(%)


Shore hardness


Permanent deform(%)


Adhesion of the adhesive agent and the ceramic(MPa)


The form service life of the adhesive agent




Coefficient of conducting heat.


The performance to be nonflammable


Coefficient of heat-expandability


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