Wear Resistant Rubber Ceramic Panels

Wear Resistant Rubber Ceramic Panels

wear resistant rubber ceramic panels provided by QS.QS is the manufacture in wear resistant alumina ceramic products.Any sizes and thickness are customised according to drawings.We can also design some products according to customers applications.
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Features of the wear resistant rubber ceramic panels

Wear-resistant ceramic plate has the characteristic such as wear-resisting performance is good, high hardness, wear resistant ceramic lining however in coal-fired power plant coal pulverizing, ash and dust removal, the coal conveying system, in the operation of the equipment due to the constant friction, corrosion, collision and impact by medium, the influence of such factors as system leak extremely easily, cause environmental pollution, after many trials wear-resistant ceramic lining board is ideal for leakage material, wear-resistant ceramic lined with its abrasion resistance, practicability and economy is superior than other wear-resistant material

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