Wear Resistant Rubber Ceramic Plate

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Description of the wear resistant rubber ceramic plate

Wear resisatnt rubber ceramic plate is a kind of alumina (AL2O3) as the main body material, auxiliary to add other ingredients, after high temperature of 1700 ° C to burn up, widely used in thermal power, steel, smelting, machinery, coal, mining, chemical, cement, port terminals, and other enterprises of coal transporting system, pulverizing system, ash discharge and dust removal system all wear large mechanical equipment, can choose according to different requirements of different types of products.

Charactures of the Wear resistant rubber ceramic plate

1. Wear resistance of the wear resistant rubber ceramic plate: alumina ceramics hardness reaching HRA85;

2. Impact resistance of the alumina ceramic: toughened ceramic formula ensures that ceramics are not broken easily, unique spherical design and high quality buffer layer can resist the shock of large materials;

3. High temperature resistant of the alumina ceramics, can run at 0 ℃ to 250 ℃ for a long time;

4. Acid and alkali resistant of the rubber ceramic plate: rubber with a whole new formula of acid and alkali resistance, can resist weak acid and weak base;

5. Anti-loss of the ceramic rubber liner: ceramic rubber steel plate is vulcanized, the combination is very strong; Each ceramic has a piercing bolt through the bottom steel plate, welded firmly, double insurance;

6. Convenient installation and replacement of the rubber ceramic plate: use the whole lining board to provide convenient replacement and installation, and reduce after-sales service;

Technicals of the wear resistant rubber ceramic plate

wear resistant alumina ceramic

alumina ceramic content:92% and 95%

compressive strength:≥ 850 Mpa

Fracture toughness: ≥4.8 MPa, m1/2 C

bending strength≥ 290MPa

Thermal conductivity :20W/m.K

Thermal expansion : 7.2 x 10-6m/m.K

wear resistant rubber

tensile strength (Mpa) ≥ 12

The elongation (%)≥350 

hardness (degree) 48-58

The permanent deformation (%) ≤ 24

The adhesive of rubber and ceramic (Mpa) ≥3.0

Heat resistance ≥- 50 ℃ 

rubber age:≥ 15 years

Advantages of the wear resistant rubber ceramic plate

1.good wear resistant and compresion strength.

2.protect equipment and prolong equipments useful life.

3.anti corrosion.

4.easy to instal

5.All sizes can cut and use.

Applications of the wear resistant rubber ceramic plate