Wear Resistant Composite Plates

Wear Resistant Composite Plates

wear resistant composite plates(wear resistant chromium carbide plates,wear resistant bimetal plate,wear resistant hardfacing plate)are manufactured from China.6+4,6+6,8+5,8+6,8+8,10+10,12+12...are some leading sizes in QS.
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Product Details

Description of the wear resistant composite plate

The wear-resistant composite plate is the most wear-resistant material at this stage, and there is no one. The wear-resistant layer thickness determines the wear-resisting time. Excellent wear resistance, ideal for replacing conventional alloy wear plates.

       The wear-resistant composite plate base plate adopts common steel plate to ensure the impact performance of the base plate, the wear-resistant layer contains chromium, nickel and other metal elements, improves the hardness of the wear-resistant layer, wear-resisting performance, the excellent combination of the base plate and the wear-resistant layer, and the combined wear-resistant composite The panel has the characteristics of easy replacement, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, super wear resistance, etc., and is suitable for different wear and tear serious environments.

       The wear-resistant composite plate has a wide range of uses, as long as there are wear-resistant composite boards used in places with serious wear and tear. Its excellent characteristics not only reduce the maintenance time of machinery, but also increase the waste of labor, resources, etc. Operating costs.

Chemcial details of the wear resistant composite plates

Product NameHigh abrasion wear steel plate
Base PlateQ235/Q345.
Hardfacing layerHigh chromium high carbide overlay.
Chemical CompositionC(%): 3.0-5.0 ,Cr(%): 25-40, Mn(%) 1-5
MicrostructureThe carbide (Cr7C3) volume fraction on the microstructure is above 50%.
Surface TreatmentHardfacing,clading,coated.
TechniqueHardfacing,open arc welding,submerged arc welding.
Main Thicknesses3+3,4+4, 5+5
Plate Size1400*3000,1500*3000,1400*3400, 1400*3500, 2100*3500, customized

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