Wear Resistant CrC Plate

Wear Resistant CrC Plate

Thickness of wear resistant cco plate:3+3,6+4,8+6,10+10,12+12,etc.(or as your requirement) Size of chromium carbide hardfacing plate: length:3000mm, Width:600-1500mm.Size can be customized. The mining, sorting, storage and transportation of coal in the coal industry will cause severe wear and tear on equipment machinery. In the heavy medium coal preparation system, the workpiece working environment is harsh and the wear is more serious. Wear mainly starts from the surface of the material, and a lot of waste of resources and economic loss are caused each year due to wear. Therefore, it is the starting point of our company to be committed to the research and development of wear-resistant products.
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Product Details

Product Description:

High wear resistance 12-20 times higher than common plate; 5-10 times than low alloy steel plate; 2-3 times than high chromium cast iron plate

Application of composite wear-resistant steel plate: 

Composite wear-resistant steel plate can be used for surface strengthening of various wear-resistant equipment parts in steel metallurgy, building materials machinery, electric machinery, mining machinery, cement industry, fan industry, and other industries.

Wear-resistant layer alloy composition: 

C: 4%-5%, Cr: 24-45%, Q235 base plate + chromium carbide overlay plate.

Impact resistance: The wear-resistant alloy layer is completely metallurgically bonded to the substrate, resisting strong impact, and does not have to worry about falling off.

Composite wear-resistant steel plate hardness: alloy layer macro hardness HRC58-62.

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