Wear Resistant Hardafcing Carbide Plate

Wear Resistant Hardafcing Carbide Plate

wear resistant hardafcing carbide plates manufactured by Shandong Qishuai.All kinds of sizes and thickness are customised according to customers request. ny more details,pls contact us:florahu@zbqishuai.cn
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wear resistant hardafcing carbide plate

1. Wear-resistant composite steel high wear resistance: wear test shows that the wear-resistant composite board wear resistance 12-18 times higher than low carbon steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel 5 times higher than the cast high iron high 1 Times

2. Wear-resistant composite steel high impact resistance: Due to the use of mild steel substrate, wear-resistant composite board has a high impact resistance, fully embodies the composite material both wear and impact resistance advantages. This is beyond the reach of cast wear resistant materials.

3. Wear-resistant composite plate convenient processing performance: Wear-resistant surfacing composite steel plate can be cold-formed, round, available plasma cutting cutting method can be easily wear-resistant composite plate welded parts wear on the surface.

4. Wear-resistant composite steel high performance-price ratio: The use of hardfacing composite board although the cost increase, but considering the service life of parts, maintenance costs, downtime losses, the performance price ratio of about 2-4 times higher than ordinary materials . Due to the rational use of materials, wear-resistant surfacing composite board than the same material by hand welding price 50% lower.