Wear Resistant Hardfacing Plate

Wear Resistant Hardfacing Plate

wear resistant hardfacing plate(5+3,6+4,6+6,8+4,8+5,8+6,8+8,10+5,10+6,10+8,10+10)manufactured by Shandong QS. Wear resistant hardfacing plate widely used in mining industry,power industry,cement industry and others wear resistant fields.
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Product Details

Description of the wear resistant hardfacing plate

wear resistant hardfacing plate substrate without rust process can be directly above the wear-resistant wear-resistant metal layer, Ming arc surfacing in the welding process without filling flux, eliminating the need for flux drying process, do not have to remove after welding slag. Adopt gas and water to mix and spray directly for forced cooling of the weldment to make the wear-resistant liner grain more refined to improve the wear-resistant lining of the wear-resistant lining and wear resistance and improve the adaptability of the weldment. 

The main components of wear resistant hardfacing plate, low-carbon ferrochrome and graphite, and a small amount of ferromanganese, vanadium iron, molybdenum iron and ferro-tungsten alloy powder are added. After welding, the surface of the wear- Hardness, effectively hinder the abrasive fiber cutting, significantly improved the wear resistance of the substrate. Surfacing layer forming well, the surface smooth, and the substrate to form a good metallurgical combination of multi-layer surfacing by adjusting the flux cored wire and surfacing welding process parameters used to obtain the weld without inclusions, low dilution rate And uniform distribution of carbide surfacing layer.

Technicals of the wear resistant hardfacing plate

Product Name

wear resistant hardfacing plate


Q235/Q345+Chromium carbide overlay

Base metal

Q235/Q345 or customized

Hardfacing layer

Chromium carbide overlay

Chemical composition

C: 3.0-5.0% Cr:25-40%




Carbide (Cr7C3)volume fraction above 50%

Wear resistance

High wear/abrasion resistance

Flatness tolerance


Thickness tolerance

uniform overlay thickness, with tolerance within 0-0.5mm

Impact resistance



Hardfacing, open arc welding, submerged arc welding


Plate Size

1500*3000mm,1450*2950mm,other sizes customised

Details of the wear resistant hardfacing plate