Wear Resistant Lining Carbide Plate

Wear Resistant Lining Carbide Plate

wear resistant lining carbide plate provided by Shandong Qishuai Wear Resistant Equipment Co.,Ltd.Chromium carbide plates,wear resistant lining plates are very popular in some cement plants,steel plants and minings.
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Description of the wear resistant lining carbide plate

High chromium alloy wear plate to wear the wear plate in different temperature environment wear test, compared with the prior art, with the simulation of various high and low temperature environmental advantages, wear resistance of high chromium alloy wear plate performance Detection closer to the actual conditions. Which will help to understand the specific use of high chromium alloy wear plate in the actual application environment (especially the high temperature, low temperature or alternating high and low temperature environment), help to improve its performance.


 The upper surface of the high-chromium steel is smooth and the thickness of the high-chrome steel plate can be determined according to the actual use. When used, the wear plate is fixed on the mold and easily exposed to the surface of the mold and slightly higher than the mold Surface, high-chromium steel machining accuracy because to avoid the mold is worn and replace the mold, so equipment investment costs are greatly reduced.

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