Wear Resistant Lining Hexagon Ceramic

Wear Resistant Lining Hexagon Ceramic

Qishuai alumina ceramic liner tiles is a kind of 92% or 95% alumina (AL2O3) as the main material, widely used in thermal power, iron and steel, smelting, machinery, coal, mining, chemical, cement, port and other enterprises of coal transportation, conveying system, pulverizing system, ash, dust removal system and all other wear and tear. Different types of products can be selected according to different needs on mechanical equipment
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 Al2O3 lining tile  hexagon alumina ceramic tile with high hardness

Alumina ceramic Tiles are made of high purity fused corundum and imported tabular alumina. After mixing, molding, drying and firing under high temperature in tunnel kiln, they have the advantage of high refractoriness, good thermal shock resistance, good strength under high temperature, good corrosion resistance, good slag resistance, small expansion factor, low creep and good strip resistance.  

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High alumina ceramic plate features:

1.High hardness

Its Rockwell hardness HRA80-90, hardness second only to diamond, and the wear-resistant is far more than wear-resistant steel and stainless steel.

2.Excellent wear resistance

Equivalent to 266 times than the manganese steel and 171.5 times of the high chromium cast iron. In the same conditions,it can extend the service life at least above ten times.

3.Light weight

The weight is only half of steels, so can greatly reduce the equipment load.

4.Corrosion resistance

High alumina ceramics are inorganic oxides with extremely stable molecular structure and no electrochemical corrosion, thus they can resist erosion of acid, alkali, salt solutions and organic Solvents.  

5.Smooth surface

High alumina ceramics have the properties of smooth and adhesion, the roughness is only 1/6 that of steel pipes thus less flow Resistance.

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