Wear Resistant Steel Plates

Wear Resistant Steel Plates

wear resistant steel plates with 58-62 HRC hardness and 18-25% high chromium.Its wear resistant is 20 times than low steel plate. 1500*3000mm is its normal sizes.Actually,all kinds of sizes are customised according to customers requests.
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Features of the wear resistant steel plates

Good corrosion resistance of the wear-resistant composite steel alloy layer contains a high percentage of metallic chromium, it has a certain anti-rust and corrosion resistance. For coal billets and funnels and other occasions can be done to prevent sticky coal.

Wear-resistant composite steel specifications full, many varieties, has become a series of products. Wear-resistant alloy layer thickness of 3 ~ 20mm. The thickness of composite steel thinnest is 6mm, the thickness is not limited. At present, the standard wear-resistant composite plate can provide 1200 or 1450 × 2000mm, but also according to user needs, according to the size of custom drawings processing. Wear-resistant composite steel is divided into ordinary type, impact-resistant and high-temperature-type three, ordering high-temperature wear-resistant and impact-resistant composite steel to be described.

Technicals of the wear resistant steel plates

Hard-facing layer main chemical composition of metal (Wt%)