Wear Rubber Ceramic Composite Plate

Wear Rubber Ceramic Composite Plate

The rubber-ceramic wear-resistant composite plate combines the excellent wear resistance of the ceramic, and combines the vulcanization of the rubber to effectively reduce the impact and sound of the impact of the object, and effectively suppress the impact force that may cause the ceramic to rupture.
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Product Details

1. Product structure: The ceramic piece is embedded in special rubber to form a rubber ceramic composite lining, and then the high-strength organic adhesive is used to bond the lining to the inner steel plate of the equipment to form a sturdy And a cushioning wear layer.


2. Uses: As a wear-resistant material, it is widely used in coal handling and ash discharging systems of thermal power plants and silos and hoppers in the conveying and batching systems of the metallurgical steel industry.

3.Advantage: The alumina ceramic has excellent wear resistance, and the elasticity of the rubber effectively suppresses an impact force which may cause cracking of the ceramic. Rubber also helps to significantly reduce the vibration, sound and impact of impacting rocks.

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