Wear Rubber Ceramic Liner Plate

Wear Rubber Ceramic Liner Plate

The rubber-ceramic composite lining board effectively solves the problem of low service life of the batching conveying system due to the large material drop and strong impact force; at the same time, the two-in-one rubber-ceramic composite lining board can be twisted and cut to adapt to various special-shaped equipment installation.
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Ceramic rubber composite lining includes two forms, namely ceramic and rubber two-in-one board and ceramic rubber metal three-in-one board. The ceramic rubber composite lining board is a special ceramic sheet embedded into the special rubber through a vulcanization process to form a square wear-resistant rubber ceramic composite body, and then fixed to the inner shell steel plate of the equipment by welding or pasting to form a strong and cushioning Wear layer.



Beneficiation equipment operates in the harshest and remote areas. It is critical for the mineral processing industry that the equipment must continue to operate effectively and maximize its life cycle to minimize downtime. Ensures longer equipment life by properly protecting the equipment from extreme wear and tear caused by high ore speeds and flow rates.

Qi Shuai composite ceramic wear-resistant lining board has a longer service life and fewer replacements, which reduces downtime and improves equipment productivity.

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