Wear Plate For Steel Plant

wear plate for steel plant,wear plate hardness is very good.Carbon Steel Plate,Steel Wear Resistant Plate are provided.
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Introduction of the wear plate for steel plant

Wear-resistant composite steel plate can be cut, leveling, punching, bending and crimping. It can be made into plates, arcs, cones and cylinders. The cut composite plate can be welded into various engineering structural parts or parts. The composite board can also be heated and pressed into complex shapes. Wear-resistant composite steel plate can be fastened to the equipment with bolts or welding, and the maintenance is convenient.

Although the manufacturing cost of wear-resisting composite steel plate is increased, the service life is several times higher, which makes the maintenance cost and the loss of downtime greatly reduced, and its price performance is about 2 ~ 4 times higher than that of ordinary materials. The larger the material handling capacity, the more serious the equipment wear, the more obvious the economic effect of wear-resistant composite steel plate.

The alloy layer of good corrosion-resisting composite steel plate contains high percentage of metal chromium, so it has the ability of anti-rust and corrosion resistance. It can be used to prevent mucous coal for use in coal drop and funnel.

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