Alumina Ceramic Lined Pipe

Alumina Ceramic Lined Pipe

92% & 96% alumina ceramic lined pipe is mainly used in wear resistance fields.Usually alumina ceramic lined pipeT will be installed with steel tube, and we could supply the finished products as customer's drawing.
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Product Details

 Alumina ceramic lined pipe Advantages:

1. Molding: Isostatic pressing

2. Wear-Resisitance: Approx 10times stronger than common pipes under same  conditions

3. Corrosion resistance: Strong acid or alkali resistant

4. Scouring abrasion resistance: Can bear scouring abrasion by large grain material without damage

5. Good fluidity : Smooth surface ensure the free flow of material without  blocking

6. Low maintenance cost: Super wear-resistance reduce the maintenanc frequency and also the maintenance cost.

Alumina ceramic lined pipe  Application:

Cement Plant

Power Plant

Pulp & Paper

1.Material Separators
4.Scroll Liners
5.Chain Guide Liners
6.Fan housing
7.Flat Back Elbows
8.Fan Hoods

2.Scroll Liners
3.Classifier Cone
4.Ash Conveyor
5.Chain Guide Liners
6.Fan housing
7.Hopper Liners

1.Deflector Plates
3.Chain Guide Liners
4.Conveyor Trough
5.Bark Shredder
6.Scroll Liners
7.Fan Blades
9.Flat Back Elbows
10.Fan Housing

Asphalt & Construction


Steel industry

  1. Fan Blades

  2. Screed Plate (Paving Machine)

  3. Deck Plate (Paving Machine)

  4. Buckets

  5. Mould Board Liner

  6. Discharge Chute (Asphalt Driver)

  7. Slat Conveyer Liner

  8. Pug Mills

  9. Fan Housing Liner

10 Dozer Blade Liner

  1. Dragline Bucket Liner

  2. Truck Box Liner

  3. Hoppers

  4. Chutes

  5. Shovel Liner

  6. Crusher Wall Liner

  7. Breaker Screens

  8. Sizing Screens

9.Coal Chute Catch Liner

  1. Hopper liner

  2. Chute liner

  3. Dust Collector

  4. Scroll Liners

  5. Fan Blades

  6. Guide Liners

  7. Fan Housing


                   Alumina Ceramic Lined Pipe

Inner Diameter:MM,thickness 5-30MM(We can produce as your demands and drawings!)