Ceramic Lined Elbow

Ceramic Lined Elbow

ceramic-lined-elbow(wear resistant alumina ceramic tube,wear resistant pipe bend,China alumina ceramic tube)from QS in China.QS has almost 10 years production experience.All sizes are available according to clients requirements. Any more details,pls let me know.florahu@zbqishuai.cn
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Description of the ceramic-lined-elbow

Wear-resistant ceramic pipe wear-resistant ceramic liner in the run is characterized by high temperature, high velocity, particle hardness, equipment wear and tear is serious, especially the elbow part, do not make any protective measures, usually wear out in less than a year. Most of these devices are on high - altitude scaffolds, which are inconvenient to repair, and once worn, seriously affect the safe use of the equipment.

Wear-resistant ceramic pipe is used to attach special corundum ceramics to the inner wall of the pipe with high temperature and inorganic adhesive. After heating and curing, it forms a strong anti-friction layer. Unique ceramic design, make a circle after the final piece of the embedded, porcelain pieces of 360 ° formed between mechanical self-locking force, to ensure that the ceramic tightly bound. The GWJ series adhesive used by ceramic paste is a proprietary product developed jointly by our company and tsinghua university. The adhesive has excellent adhesion to steel and ceramics. High strength and toughness; It has high heat resistance and aging resistance. Wear-resistant ceramic liner can be at - 50 ℃ to 350 ℃ temperature for a long time running.

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