Ceramic Lined Steel Elbow

Ceramic steel  elbow create a new generation of abrasion and corrosion resistant engineering pipeline.The composite pipe is composed of three layers: Alumina ceramic,transition layer, and steel layers.
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1,The process flow of ceramic lined steel elbow:

Ceramic steel composite elbow create a new generation of abrasion and corrosion resistance engineering pipeline, it is composed of 3 layers: alumina ceramic layer, transition layer,and steel layer.

The ceramic layer forms dense corundum porcelain(AL2O3) at a temperature above 2200°C, and forms a firm bond with the steel tube through the transition layer. It has composite elbow with high density and smooth surface.


2, Advantages of ceramic lined elbows:

1) Heat Resistance, has a long period of time to operate in the range of -50-700°C.
2)Easy installation and Anti-Scaling.

3Wear Resistance and High hardness with ceramic layer HV1100-1400kkg/mm2, HRC90.

4) Corrosion Resistance, 96-98%, 10 times of that of stainless steel.

5) Economical cost, 20-30% lower than that of anti-abrasion alloy steel elbow.


3,Application Fields of wear resistant ceramic lined elbows:

1)Coal preparation plants: Conveying dense media, mixture and coal slurry.

2) Metal Mines: Conveying tailings, concentrates and back fill minerals.

3) Paper Making: Conveying pulp.

4) Cement factory: Coal Pulverizing pipeline system.

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