China Wear Tube

China Wear Tube

wear resistant tube,wear resistant hardfacing tube,wear resistant alumina ceramic pipe,wear resistant pipe bend,wear resistant steel tube,wear resistant bimetal pipes are produced by Shandong Qishuai with 7 years experience.
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China wear tube

Wear-resistant materials are of great variety and versatility and are forming a large-scale high-tech industrial group with a very broad market prospect and extremely important strategic significance. Wear-resistant materials can be divided by using performance points, microelectronic materials, optoelectronic materials, sensors, materials, information, materials, biomedical materials, ecological environment material, energy material and piezoelectric (smart). Since we have used electronic information materials as a new material field, the new wear-resisting material mentioned here is the main wear-resisting material other than electronic information materials.

Wear resistant steel pipes and wear resistant ceramic pipes are produced.But the wear resistant ceramic's price is much higher than steel pipes.But the abrasion is the 10 times than steel pipes.

Advantages of the wear resistant steel pipe and wear resistant ceramic pipe

Wear resistant steel pipe:good price.highly wear resistant and good hardness

wear resistant ceramic pipe(wear resistant bend pipe),never fall off the ceramic,the wear resistant is much better than steel and theweight is so light.


                               Alumina ceramic tube

                                       wear resistant hardfacing tube

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