Wear Resistant Al2O3 Ceramic Elbow Tube

Wear Resistant Al2O3 Ceramic Elbow Tube

The full name is wear resistant alumina ceramic lined composite pipe, which is a type of ceramic composite steel pipe. The wear resistant ceramic composite pipe manufactured by our company is designed according to customer’s actual working conditions, such as model of steel pipe、thickness of the ceramic lining and the inner diameter of the final pipe need to be suitable.
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Abrasion-resistant alumina ceramic composite pipes are mainly lined with a certain thickness of alumina ceramics in Q235 or 20 # steel pipes, and ceramic linings are used as wear-resistant layers to prevent a certain degree of damage(such as impact, wear, corrosion, etc.) to the inner wall of the pipeline during material transportation.

There are two main ways of wear-resistant ceramic composite pipes: one is to paste ceramic sheets on the inner wall of steel pipes, and the other is to line ceramic isostatic pressure pipes on the inner wall of steel pipes. According to the working environment and requirements provided by customers, we will provide professional solution.

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