Wear Resistant Alloy Steel Pipe

Wear Resistant Alloy Steel Pipe

QS is the manufacture focus on wear resistant products.Include wear resistant chromium carbide overlay plates and chromium carbide tubes.Any sizes and thickness are provided according to customers requests.QS is not only provide high quality products but also we have professional suggestions according to customers applications.
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Feachures of the wear resistant alloy steel pipe

Surfacing wear plate by the Q235 steel and chromium carbide wear-resistant layer of two parts, wear layer generally accounts for the total thickness of the pipe 1 / 3-2 / 3;

Wear-resistant layer and the substrate is a combination of metallurgical, wear-resistant layer will not fall off, able to withstand greater impact;

Wear-resistant pipe processing and molding using wear-resistant steel rolling or directly in the seamless pipe two ways;

The formation of wear-resistant pipe layer surfacing performance and wear-resistant steel plate exactly the same performance;

Surfacing wear tube connection for the flange connection and welding connections in two ways;

Surfacing wear-resistant pipe can be processed into elbows, tees, round place, cone, square tube

The minimum curl radius is 20 times the plate thickness.

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