Chrome Alloy Wear Resistant Steel Pipe

Chrome Alloy Wear Resistant Steel Pipe

Chrome Alloy Wear Resistant Steel Pipe is composed of the wear base material and the wear layer, the wear layer is generally accounts for 1/3or 2/3 of total thickness; The wear layer and the base material is combined through metallurgy, so that the wear layer can’t fall off, and can bear stronger impact.Qishuai is a professional research, development, production, and sales of wear-resistant steel pipes, including surfacing wear-resistant steel pipes, wear-resistant composite steel pipes, chromium carbide wear-resistant steel pipes, bimetal composite steel pipes.
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Plate size:1400*3400mm



Content of chrome:24-35%

Heat treatment method of Chrome alloy wear resistant steel pipe:


     Chrome alloy wear resistant steel pipe is heated to a certain temperature and held for a period of time, and then it is gradually cooled, which is called annealing. Annealing of steel pipes is a thermal treatment method that heats steel pipes to the temperature at which phase transformation occurs or local phase transformation, and then cools slowly after holding. The purpose of annealing, high-hardness surfacing wear-resistant pipe, chromium carbide wear-resistant pipe, is to eliminate the structural defects, improve the structure of the composition and refine the grain, improve the mechanical properties of the steel pipe, reduce the residual stress; Improve plasticity and toughness, improve cutting performance. Therefore, annealing is not only to eliminate and improve the structural defects and internal stress left by the previous process, but also to prepare for subsequent processes. Therefore, annealing is a semi-waste heat treatment, also known as pre-heat treatment.

Chrome alloy wear resistant steel pipe


Chrome alloy wear resistant steel pipe are used for coal and ash (slag) pipelines for thermoelectricity and steel because of their various properties; 

There are various pipelines with high corrosion resistance, molten aluminum liquid transportation pipelines, and other roads with high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

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