Hardfacing Wear Pipe

Hardfacing Wear Pipe

Hardfacing Wear Pipe starts with standard steel base pipe that is then fused or overlaid with chromium carbide. Chromium carbide metal lurgically bonds to the steel’s surface to form a protective and durable surface that will not separate from the base metal.
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Industry application:

1.Cement Industry

The cement industry has provided our biggest customer base since our founding. The severe abrasion experienced in cement mills, chutes and hoppers, gives the industry a serious need for equipment protection solutions. We provide the best solutions in the world for cement mill rollers of all types.

2.Mining Industry

Face it, no matter what minerals you are mining, there is no escaping the abrasion experienced by mining equipment. Not only can we reduce equipment damage to hopper and chutes, but our cladding can significantly extend the life of dump trucks, excavating equipment, and transport equipment.

3.Coal Power Industry

The reliable movement of coal is crucial to the coal power industry. When chutes and hoppers need to be replaced, the replacement and repair service costs are expensive, and the downtime can hurt the bottom line. Reduce the down time, and extend the life of your equipment with solutions from QS Plate.

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