Wear Hardfacing Pipe

Wear Hardfacing Pipe

Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) Steel Pipe is chromium carbide overlay on the inside diameter of the standard wall pipe. Wear resistant chrome pipe is composed of the wear base material and the wear layer, the wear layer is generally accounts for 1/3or 2/3 of total thickness; The wear layer and the base material is combined through metallurgy, so that the wear layer can’t fall off, and can bear stronger impact.
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Product Details

Product Description:

Meeting the increasing demand for small diameter wear pipes.

1. Wear pipes

(1) Steel pipe with regular base material+overlay, pipes are welded with our automatic welding machine resulting in good shaped and flat surface pipes.

(2) Bending the wear plate into roun pipe.

(3) Assembling the wear plate into square pipe.

Automatic welding, metallurgical bonding, available to weld the maxium pipe diameter of 80 mm and maximium pipe length of 3000 mm.

2. Wear resistant elbow

(1) Weld directly on the elbow wall

(2) Wear plate used to make joint form

3. Square to Roun Transition

Wear plate used to make tube with round top and square bottom.



1.Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are a professional manufacturer engaged in Wear resistant material many years.

2.What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is 1 ton.

3.Can you provide sample for us?

Of course,small pieces of samples are provided

4.How can you get quotation?

Please kindly send me your drawing with technic requirement and demand quantity. We will quote our best price in 24 hours.

5.What is your packing?

We can provide all kinds of packing according to your request.


1. Professional and reliable factory you need

2. Customised products according to clients requests.

3. Nearly 10 years experience in wear resistant field.

4. Rich experience in export, can save time for communication

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